Hong Kong Baked Goods

Hong Kong baked goods are really special. It is a combination of Chinese and western flavors. Due to the ruling under British as a colony, there were a lot western influence in the food and culture in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, there is a bakery in almost every corner of the streets. Instead of only selling muffins, donuts or cakes, they sell both sweet and savory baked goods. Since most baked goods are small in size, which are perfect for breakfast. Everyday, bakeries will bring out their freshly baked breads and buns to sell. Many people like to go to the bakeries in the morning to get a warm, fresh, filling, and tasty baked good. The baked goods are also great as lunch or snacks. A classic savory baked good is a barbecued pork bun. It is a sweet and soft bun with a Chinese traditional barbecued pork filling. A classic sweet baked good is a pineapple bun. It is a soft bun with a sweet and crunchy crust that looks a bit like a pineapple skin. Other than classic, there are many creative new stuff, like peanut filling bun, seaweed tuna bun, green onion bun, hot dog bun, curry beef puff pastry and taro bun.

Back when I was in high school, I am not a fan of those baked goods. I always felt like I was forced to eat them. But the buns were just too big for me sometimes. After taking a few bites, I wrapped the bun in a paper towel and threw it in the trash can. I was way too wasteful, and I didn’t cherish the delicious goodies. Now, I love them! And, I wish I can eat those baked goods everyday.

In Los Angeles, there is a good chain Chinese bakery, J.J Bakery. It is not exactly the same as the bakeries in Hong Kong, but at least, there are similar items. Their bread and buns are good. It is probably the best Chinese bakery in Los Angeles area. Bryan’s favorite is the green onion and hot dog bun. I like that too.

Green Onion and Hot Dog Bun

Curry Beef Puff Pastry

Pineapple Bun

Cheese and Hot Dog Bun

J.J. Bakery (1130 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007)


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