Disasters in Japan: Love and Hope

This is a really touching story. And, it has a happy ending. There is love, and there is hope. Both dogs have survived the unbelievable earthquake and tsunami. They have been rescued and they are in good care now. Dogs are socializing animals. They like to be in a pack. They understand and care about each others.

What about us, human? No matter we are Chinese, America, or European, we are all living on the same planet. We are in this together. We should be helping each other. From all those monster tsunami scenes to the frozen pale dead bodies pictures, it is hard to ignore and pretend nothing has ever happened.

I have been to Japan a few times. Japan is a beautiful country. Japanese are really nice and polite people. There are nuclear plant workers who are willing to stay behind and risk their own lives in the hope of saving the rest of the people. We don’t have to risk our own lives to help, but little bit of help will go a long way. Please send your love to Japanese, and give them hope. Let’s hope that most of the stories will have a happy ending.

American Red Cross Donation: Read


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