Snack: Cookies from Netherlands

Dutch Cookies and Clog Magnets

Over the few years, Bryan has brought home different gifts from different visitors from his work. This time, the visitors are from Netherlands. Before Bryan got home, he told me that he got a tin of Dutch cookies and a little clog magnet. Bryan said he has tried a cookie. It was interesting, but tasty. When he first saw the cookies, he thought they were crispy wafers. Instead, the cookie is soft and sweet. I had a feeling that the cookies are the stroopwafels.

Back in Hong Kong, my Godmother has a relative or friend who lives in the Netherlands. For a few times, my Godmother would bring me some Dutch cookies, which are the stroopwafels. A stroopwafel looks like a mini waffle. It is a cookie sandwich with syrup filling, like caramel. The texture of the cookie is soft and a bit sticky. It is sweet and delicious, which is very satisfying. When Bryan got home, I am so happy to see the cookies are stroopwafels. Yea….. I got to eat them again, and they are fresh off the plane from Netherlands. How can you say “no”? Yum yum…

Where can you buy stroopwafel in the US?

Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Market


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