New Season of No Reservations

No Reservations is a TV show on Travel Channel. It is host by Anthony Bourdain, who is a chef and writer. Bryan and I have been following the show for a few years. I absolutely love Anthony and the show. It is the best travel show on television by far.

Instead of being a normal travel show, No Reservations focus on the traditions of local cultures, the beauty of local people, and the stories of authentic food. Anthony doesn’t only go to tourists’ spots. He and his crew go to where normal people live, and they eat what everyone eat. They always go to some local’s homes, and have some good simple home-cook meals. I like how Anthony respects everyone and their cultures. Even there is food that he doesn’t like, he would still finish the food. Anthony is a great writer and he has a good heart. Last night, Bryan and I watched the first episode of this season. Anthony went to Haiti. It was very touching. I really appreciate how Anthony was trying to show audiences the real situation in Haiti nowadays. It may not be an episode for traveling guide, but it definitely show the true side of humans. Most Americans have forgotten the earthquake disaster in Haiti, and the problems are still continuing. On the other hand, Haitians are working hard to get their lives back together, and enjoying every moments of lives.

Each episode of No Reservations is eye-opening. It is not always happy ending. It is not always foie gras andĀ caviars. But I can always feel the love of people and their food from all around the world through the show. It is truthful and real. If you haven’t watched the show yet, give it a try. I know you will enjoy it.

Tune in on Monday at 6PM P/T on Travel Channel

No Reservation website: Read

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