Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks

On the second day of  Chinese New Year, there is a firework in the Victoria Harbor every year. Chinese believe that fireworks can chase away evil spirits. On my mom’s side families,  there is a tradition that we go and watch the fireworks every year. I always enjoyed that day. In the afternoon, my uncles and aunts would come to my place. They would play mahjong; my mom would fried her turnip cakes; I would bring out tea and candies. It was loud and crowded, but I like it.

Until almost evening, we would all go to take the MTR (subway) and head over to Wan Chai. Even the firework show started at 8pm, we had to be near sea-side early. If not, we wouldn’t find a good spot. While the long wait, I would bring some candies and snacks to eat, and play with my cousins. Watching fireworks in real person is a great experience. The fireworks are really powerful. They are huge, and it feels like the fireworks are on top of us, and it will fall on us. It is always just different and exciting.

After fireworks, we would walk to a restaurant and enjoy a meal together. I love to sit quietly and listen to my uncles and aunts conversation. It is a very warm and sweet time. Nothing is better than being with your family together during holidays.

This year, thanks to my cousin Snoopy. I got to watch a short video of the fireworks. It feels like I was there with them together. Hope I can watch the fireworks in person with Bryan next year.

For now, please enjoy this year firework video:

While watching the video, you can look for: smiley face, rabbit, I love HK


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