Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to Year of The Rabbit!

Happy Chinese New Year! Wish you all to have a wonderful year of the rabbit!

Orchids, Red Envelopes, Mandarin Oranges, Piggy Bank

恭喜發財! Kung Hey Fat Choi! Wishing you prosperity!

花開富貴! Fortune comes with blooming flowers! (The orchids)

新春大吉! Good fortune in the New Year! (The mandarin oranges)

招財進寶! May money and treasure be plentiful! (The piggy bank)

When it comes to holiday, it makes me think of my hometown, Hong Kong, a bit more. Chinese New Year is a holiday that everyone looks forward to, especially kids. Every year on new year day, my parents would give my sister and I red envelopes. Each envelope contains money that symbolizes to suppress the evil spirit. Then, we would head over to my grandma’s house and meet up all my uncles, aunties, and cousins from my mom’s side families. We all just get together to chat and eat all day long. We eat candies, dried fruit candies, melon seeds, turnip cake, and taro cake. Later in the afternoon, we go to my another grandma’s place and meet up my dad’s side extended families. It is always good to get to meet everyone. By the end of the day, my sister and I would get many many red envelopes.

Now, I am all grown up and married. Instead of receiving red envelopes, I have to give out to children and unmarried juniors. Since I am far away from home, I try to keep some tradition in the house. I set up a corner for all my new year decor. You can see from the picture above. Two days ago, I have also made some tasty turnip cakes. Turnip cakes symbolizes prosperity and growing fortunes. Finally, I didn’t forget Hui Chun. Hui Chun is a piece of red/gold paper with greeting wordings. I have printed out a couple Hui Chun and posted them on the door and walls. May all my wishes come true!

Tonight, I will pan-fried some turnip cake for dinner. Again, wish you all to have a year full of happiness!

If you want to print out and post some Hui Chun?

Hong Kong Tourism Board has a website with all the easy print out Hui Chun. Read


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