Chinese Herbal Remedy (Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa)

This morning, Bryan seems to be losing his voice. He has been having a sore throat for the past two days. While I was thinking to get Bryan some cough drops, I saw my bottle of Chinese herbal remedy, Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. When I was in Hong Kong, I always came to Pei Pa Koa when I had a sore throat or cough. This herbal remedy is used to prevent voice lost, help with sore throat, and get rid of coughs and cold symptoms.

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Box and Bottle

Even though I take this remedy, I never know what the name means and what the ingredients are. The name “Nin Jiom” means “in memory of my mom”. The remedy was started back in Qing Dynasty. A boy’s mother was sick and couldn’t get better, so the boy went to look for a doctor for help. And, a doctor created this remedy and cure the boy’s mother. Who would know there is such a warm story behind? Back to the name, “Pei Pa Koa” means “loquat syrup”. The remedy is made with all natural herbs ingredients, like loquat, ginger, fritillary bulb, pomelo peel, and honey. There are tons of ingredients on the list, and I have never heard many of the things on the list. I swear most Chinese don’t know what those are. But it doesn’t really matter, I believe in Chinese medicine. It is all natural, and Chinese medicine practice has a really long history. Compare to those chemical and artificial flavors, Chinese medicine is a lot more trustworthy.


Pei Pa Koa tastes better than it looks. It is slightly sweet. It has a fruity flavor. It also leaves a cool feeling on the throat after taking it, which is very comforting for a sore throat. Bryan said that it tasted like robitussin. Well… At least, I don’t think it tastes bad.

Want to learn more about Pei Pa Koa?

Nin Jiom Website: Read

Want to buy Pei Pa Koa?

Amazon: Read

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