Long Beach Dog Show 2010

I grew up with dogs. I had two Shih-Tzu back in the days. And my parents have a Miniature Schnauzer now. Dogs are fun and loving. When you look into their sparkling eyes, you just can’t say no and you would love to give them a big hug.

Last year, I happened to see an advertisement on TV about a dog show in Long Beach, California. I knew that I have to go with Bryan. And, we did at the end. It was unbelievable fun!

Long Beach Convention Center

That is why we were back to the show this year! We brought my sister along. We were there for almost 4 hours, and we didn’t want to leave. If you think the show was just the typical walk-a-circle dog show, you are wrong! The most fun part was the different dog breeds’ booths. It is always amazing to see that there are so many different kinds of dogs out there. There are the weird-looking ones, the giant ones, the super soft coat ones, and the tiny energetic ones. I swear that you would see a breed of dogs that you have never seen before.

Bichon Frise (Bryan gives them a nickname “Cotton Ball”)

“I am a reindeer!”

Sometimes when you go to a dog adoption event, you are not sure whether you can pet the dogs or not, because they are usually in cages and some workers don’t like you to do so. In this Long Beach dog show, you can do as much as petting as you want! The workers in the show encouraged everyone to pet the dogs in the boots. They kept saying, “Come on and pet them! That’s why they are here!” I just love that welcome feeling. All the dogs were so nice and cute, and they loved being pet.

A Golden Retriever sat on Bryan’s feet

After the booths, Bryan, my sister and I headed to check out the typical walk-a-circle dog show, but we got bored real fast. We are not that into the good old tradition. Then, we went to see the obstacles course. It was very cool. Doberman Pinschers are very fast. The dock jumping course was also incredible. Those dogs can really jump high and far. Bryan was splashed with water while taking a picture. Those dogs were so excited that they got to play. By the time we got to leave, we were so satisfied.

Dock Jumping Practice

I know that we will be going to the show next year for sure!

Want to go to the show next year?

December in Long Beach, California


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