A Short Film By A Cat

This short film is very cool, and it is filmed by a cat. The owner put a video camera on the cat’s leash, and we get to get a glimpse of the cat’s day. I wish I can get one of those cameras.

My neighbor has a black cat. This little guy just goes all over the neighborhood. Sometimes, you see him wandering around on the next street. Sometimes, he is resting and sleeping on a soft grass. Recently, he likes to come up to Bryan and me. He likes us petting him. For a few times, he even followed us home. I wish we can let him inside, but we have Tuna (guinea pig). It won’t be a good idea to let our cat friend come in. If this little black cat has this video camera, we would be able to tell what he does all day long!

Our Cat Friend

Want the video camera for your pet?

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