Contemporary Magic Show

On Saturday night, Bryan and I went to see magic with a friend. Magic is a really interesting thing. When I was a little girl, I used to have a magic kit. You know the one with some cups and balls, and of course, I had the magic stick. Other than that memory, I didn’t know much about magic. Until recent years, Bryan and I have started to watch the tv show, Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed. That show is amazing. It is eye-opening. Even some of the secrets are revealed, I am still very impressed with how the magicians do that. After that, I just want to see more magic shows. David Blaine’s street magic tv show was also incredible. It is just hard to believe. Bryan and I also went to Magic Castle. It was lucky to have Ed Alonzo performing that night. He was so funny and wonderful. It was unforgettable. Magic is so cool!

The magic show that we went to is performed by Bryan’s friend, David Gabbay. David is an excellent magician. He performed in Magic Castle regularly. Bryan and I have seen his magic a few times. And every time, I was amazed by it. We even have David performed in our wedding banquet, and all the guests loved that. This time, David has his own show, and we really can’t miss out. The show was great! There were definitely many surprising. Bryan and I enjoyed it a lot. Great show, David!

Would you like to go to David’s magic show? He still has 3 more shows in these two months.

Check out the ticket website: Read

Want to know more about David? Want David to perform in your event?

Check out David’s website: Read

Source: Read


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