Incredible Looking Pizza in Hong Kong

After watching the video, I really want to get this “pizza”. Sadly, this is a promotion for Hong Kong Pizza Hut. We can only watch and imagine.

Pizza Hut in Hong Kong is nothing like Pizza Hut in the United States. In Hong Kong, Pizza Hut is probably the biggest pizza chain. If you ask a little kid where you can get pizza, the kid will probably tell you to go to Pizza Hut. As a kid, I can only get pizzas for special occasion or party. Pizza definitely isn’t the kind of food for everyday. It is not cheap enough to be one either. With all the different kind of competition out there, Pizza Hut needs to be very different to stand out in the crowd. Therefore, Pizza Hut always have new stuff, like paella, escargot, and interesting pizza. Haha… Bryan says that he wants to go to Pizza Hut when we go to Hong Kong next time.

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