Homemade Iranian Kabab

Iranian food seems to be far out of my region. Back in 5 years ago, this maybe true. But because of Bryan, I have got to know an Iranian family. Bryan has been closed with this family for years. They are one of the nicest people who I have ever met.

Every time when Bryan and I go to visit the Iranian family, we are always welcomed by big hugs and warm kisses on the cheeks. In the living room, there are always all kind of food on the coffee table. Fruit is the most common thing in an Iranian household. Then, you may find some nuts, some candies, and more fruits. And, you just can’t count out the tea. One of the most memorable things in this place has to be the Kabab Koobideh.

Kabab Koobideh is a skewer of ground meat (beef, lamb, or chicken) with minced onions. Depends on your personal choice, you can also add garlic, pepper, or parsley. The ingredients are actually very simple and basic, but the hard part is putting the meat on the flat skewer. Keeping the meat mixture on the skewer is not as easy as it looks. Technically, there is nothing holding the meat on the down side of the flat skewer. A good hard press and little water on hand just help to keep the kabab together. Then, the kabab is being cooked over a grill. When the kabab are done, the Iranian friend puts the lavash bread (flat bread) under the meat. The lavash taste so good with all the meat juice. Kabab is great with white rice and crispy rice bottom. The hot kabab is so juicy and delicious, and there is nothing taste better than this homemade kabab.

One day, I am going have a grill, and then, I can make this at home. Yum…

Ground beef Kababs

Over the grill

Kabab Koobideh with lavash bread

Crispy rice

Where can you get some Kabab Koobideh?

Shaherzad (1422 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024)


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