Mariner Of The Seas in August

Mariner Of The Seas

Relaxing on the patio

Even though it has been 2 months since the cruise to Mexico, I still can’t stop thinking about the trip. That was one of the most memorable vacation that I have taken in my life. At first, I was not too sure whether we would have a good time or not. I am glad that everything turned out to be wonderful.

Bryan and I went on the Mariner Of The Seas with my parents and my sister. We were all first time cruisers. We had no idea how huge the ship was until we were on it. It is like a whole city on a ship. You can find everything, like movie theater, ice skating range, basketball court, club, casino, rock climbing wall and arcade room. My family is not an active family, but we still found a plenty of things to do. The good thing is that everything is together. There is no driving or traveling around. You can take the elevators or stairs, and you will arrive at your destination in 5 to 15 minutes. Relaxing on a patio with the endless ocean view, it was incredible! No cleaning, no dishwashing, no cooking, no working….. All you need to do is relax, eat, sleep and have fun!

Before getting on the cruise, I have heard people talked about the buffet that you can eat all the time. I personally love buffet, and I thought I would be there all day long. But the buffet really wasn’t as great as I imagined. The food choices were fine, but the flavors were not that excellent. On the other hand, food in the dining rooms were great! I wouldn’t say the food were like in a five-star restaurants, but they were definitely good. We have had ducks, lobsters, filet mignon, escargots, salmon, and shrimps. I can’t say that all the food were tasty. It had its hits and misses, however, for most part, we were all very satisfied. We were all so stuffed every night. And, we still couldn’t resist the extra desserts that our waiter brought us sometimes.

It was a great experience. At the end, my family and I all agree that we should do another cruise in the future. What do I miss the most about the cruise? It has to be the food! The freshly baked breads and muffins… the perfectly cooked duck… the irresistible chocolate cake…. Did I tell you about the unlimited self-served frozen yogurt? Oh my….. We were there 3 times a day!

Please let me know if you are going on a cruise! Count me in!

If you are worried about sea sick, don’t worry too much. I usually get sea sick when traveling on a ship, but I didn’t this time. It did take me half day to get used to the motion in the beginning. After that, I was perfectly fine!


Chocolate cake


2 thoughts on “Mariner Of The Seas in August

  1. I miss the ice cream “buffet”,
    I miss all the food there,
    I miss the balcony,
    I miss the cruise………………………:'(

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