Chips Addiction

Who doesn’t love potato chips? But sometimes, potato chips can be really unhealthy.

Recently, I have found a good bag of tasty potato chips. It is said that the chips were not fried or baked. They pop the potatoes. I don’t know what the technology is, but chips are surely crispy! The chips have no preservatives. On the back of the chip bag, the ingredients list is pretty short. The company says that their chips have no fake colors, no fake flavors, and no grease.

No matter what they say, the chips are really tasty! And, they are definitely less fat! For 20 chips, there is 35 calories from fat, and there is 0 gram of saturated fat. The total calories is about 120.


Popchips are good! So far, I have only tried two flavors, barbeque and cheddar. The barbeque is excellent. It is a bit smokey and sweet. Bryan and I both love this flavor a lot. For cheddar, we are not a fan. The cheddar taste is odd. I wouldn’t recommend that. Even though the cheddar wasn’t too good, I would still love to try all the other flavors. I am looking forward to try the original, and the sour cream and onion. If you want some chips today, give Popchips a try! I have seen them in Albertsons, Bristol Farms, and Costco, but I believe they are in most grocery stores.

Barbeque Popchips

Check out Popchips website!


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